I met this guy through a family friend. It was literally a link up because he wanted to get married. The talking was going well and all, found out he’s unbearably stingy but I didn’t bother because I didn’t have plans of asking him for anything. I’m a fresh graduate but I barely lack anything because my family is kind with funds. He was doing quite well for him self too.Fast forward to a few months, we were set to hangout for the second time after months of taking, 😂😂 he called me the morning to request I give him an answer on whether I will marry him or something of that nature. And that he’ll give me from then(Friday) to sunday. I was dumbfounded and for the first time in a while startled 😏. I told him it’s fine that I’ll give him the answer then. Just like that the date was cancelled. So I started making inquires about him through people that might know him and found out it seemed like he was a sugar boy to his boss(Married Older Lady) or maybe he has this large grace because their relationship is very close and she did and is still doing a lot for him including gifting him cars and footing his bills. Ha! Sunday came I told him I wasn’t interested anymore. He wasn’t having it. Apologized and requested we start over. I shaa agreed but I totally disconnected. I didn’t even know what happened but my mind just went off. He didn’t even make any effort to see and talk things out he just kept on calling. He noticed the disconnection and didn’t pick my call the last time I called back because I missed his call and that was it. It just ended!. I shaa know he wasn’t right, but I was this 🤏close to agreeing to marry that nymph 😩.

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