Been having suicidal thoughts lately
I feel anxious most times
I feel I am letting a lot of people down
I feel useless
I am awaiting NYSC, already quit my job
Money is not a problem, I have enough of it but I am still not happy
I don’t know why I am not happy when I have had a rosy life
Why can’t I be truly happy?? I feel so empty that I can’t breathe
Some kind words might help me


  1. Human can’t be sad without a reason, work on ur self, and there is always reason to be sad but only u can make ur self happy, you are wat God imagine when he said let us make man , y die untimely wen you are not ment to be

  2. Life tends to be woven with threads of trials and through this we find ourselves encumbered by the weight of our own struggles. it may seem as though the world conspires against us, yet it is within these times that we must remember the power within us; the resilient spirit that has carried us through our darkest hours and continues to propel us forward. so when the road ahead seems dark and uncertain and when the weight of the world threatens to crush you beneath its heavy burden; do not yield. Summon forth the courage and faith with your heart and rise above the situation. You are a champion and there is no obstacle too great for you to conquer. Never give up. It is within our perseverance that we can achieve the impossible. So dont you dare go hollow. I believe in you and so do we all.

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