What do I do Part 1.

My friend ex was used and dump by my friend, like she uses him whenever she wants money then break up with him when things gets bad. He always cries to me and one night he called me crying I called my friend and she shouted at me. I rushed to help him, when I got there his friends were cleaning his vomit so I helped. I was about to leave his house so I went to say goodbye but then he was crying we kissed and had sex multiple times that night.

What do I do part 2

I woke up before him and left, he kept calling, I don’t want to remember it because I was feeling funny. I stayed away for months, he came to apologize to me and i told him it’s fine. I was going inside my hostel and he told me that he loves me and that he couldn’t forget about me for the past 6 months then I started crying and was confused. We kissed, I told him I love him too because I was already deeply in love with him.

What do I do part 3

We started dating for 1 year secretly, in that one year my friend tried to get money from him like she always does, during our graduation she went to his house he turned her down and sent me the entire conversation in recording. I got angry and jealous so I wanted to stay away from him. I didn’t see him for 2 weeks, his friend pranked me and said he had accident, I rushed down in fear to see him, I got there I saw him on his knees with a ring and I accepted it

What Do I Do Part 4

The video got to my friend and she kept calling, I didn’t pick. So one night I picked and I called my sisters to come to where I was making my hair, if I wasn’t with my sisters that night I would have been wounded or worse because she brought cains and pepper but my sisters fought her and her friends off. It’s now 2 years, my man is doing well, I’m getting married next month. She’s been tailing me should I get her arrested or let it go? I don’t know what to do about her I feel threatened.

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