Only thing in my mind is Revenge.

I have been with this girl for long and we have been dating, truth is that i have cheated on her but i covered up and changed because i really loved her. i became a better and loved only her. But she kept giving signs of cheating and i found out that she’s always vulnerable and can end up sleeping with another guy if she’s not closely marked so I don’t give her chance to talk intimately with guys so she doesn’t make mistake. I know it’s her weak point and I don’t use it against her. So there’s this guy she said is their family friend but I’m not comfortable with their chat which she later blocked the guy. Fast foward to january first week she broke up with me because i confronted her that she was chatting with the said guy. That heartbreak ruined my life, I sold my car and many things because of depression and nearly committed suicide. I confronted her and found out that this guy had sex with her and have travelled back. And what weaks me is that this girl is a good girl, I don’t know what actually changed her this much. All i want to do is act as if i forgotten everything and make her friend again and hurt her the way it will affect her for years even in future. For making me look helpless and broke. You guys can judge me but pray you don’t find yourself in my shoes.

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