Two cousins living together

Two sisters are coming to visit me on Thursday separately when they come back from Easter holiday with their family. They are 26 & 22 years. I had sex with the older one once last year and she has been wanting to come over since and 3 weeks ago I almost had sex with the younger one but didn’t because I found she’s still a virgin when I was about to penetrate. I didn’t know both of them were sisters until last week when I ran into them, the elder was waiting for the younger at the counter in a super market when I met her and she told me she was waiting for her younger sister and when she pointed me to her sister, lo & behold. The younger didn’t see us together though and the older was curious when I asked if that’s her sister when I called her name. The older said i should stay away from the younger and I told her to tell the younger to stay away from me which she said she has already but the younger told me she won’t stay away, as she likes me and wants me to spoil her (just as I told the older not to tell the younger to stay away because she’ll be rebellious)

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  1. I’m lost right now the guy I love doesn’t love me back and it hurts a lot : try my possible best to make us work but I feel he doesn’t want that I really don’t know what to do anymore

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