My shock is still shocked

There’s this girl I’m in talking stage with and we’re flowing really well. I really like her but I try not to show it too much because I’m still getting to know her. She came to my place last week and while we were gisting my mom’s landlord called and reminded me that my mom’s rent was overdue. My dad is late so as the 1st son, I’m the one paying all the bills. I didn’t have the full amount at that moment so it brought down my mood. She noticed and pressured me to tell her the problem which I later did. Just this afternoon, she texted me to send my account details so she’ll do Easter for me. This babe legit sent me the whole #600k and told me to pay my mom’s rent. I’ve been staring at my phone since morning in disbelief. It’s like film to me because no lady has ever given me 1naira before. Tears gan is rolling down my cheek as I’m writing this.


  1. I lost a friend to depression since December and I just found out about it on Sunday. It’s breaking me
    I’m in severe pains
    My chest hurts so bad
    I feel guilty of the fact that I pushed him away by myself
    I feel terrible
    He was a good person
    He was the 🐐

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