I just met with this new guy on Instagram, we’ve been talking for a while now and he wants to date me (so he says). He ticks all the boxes except the sex part he is unable to make me horny and if there’s no sexual compatibility there would be problems in the future. I know that because I had an ex that was terrible in bed and I just used lube to just fuck him and just ride the whole thing on until I met a guy that showed me how orgasms work and till date I’m still with him. Now I was thinking I was going to cut him off for this guy but our new uncle isn’t helping because asides the bad sex he’s refusing to get a test done like (std test) to know his status talmabout condoms don’t make me cum!! Like do you know how many girls he’d have fuck raw just because of his condom problem. This guy said he can’t do a test just for sex that he has not seen my type before, I con dey wonder please how do you regular beings live your life because the stories I hear this days of disease’s sharing it selves is not joke because most times people purposely share this things for revenge or some stupid shii now you want me to gbenusi. Like this now I Dey find female condom, that’s my last resort

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