My Boss and his pretty wife

I and my G work at this Tech and media company here in Abuja owned by a couple. Now the guys in the office are all crushing on our madam 4 long now but she no just send us. Imagine say u get female Boss, wey set, fine, yellow, sexy come get brain all this recipe for disaster and you no fit tell am. Me and my guy look am one day for office we almost get hard-on. We respect the husband who be our main Boss but the wife is too nice, she is kind, always helping, dey buy us food for office, gifts for all staff and e dey weak me because one day I fit do mistake tell am say you day make men dream about you as the new hires way just join, one akwaibom guy Don begin loose guard for our madam too, him open mouth one day during meeting dey look the woman as she dey talk to all staff i come realise say na office problem be this.I been wan feel guilty, na him I hear say some girls want the madam husband and dem dey eye am and say he too dey eye dem so my Oga ways no too pure so my guilty don clear but madam E na one fine Ibo girl and na God go help me for this work wey I dey take manage my life before them sack me. My G wan try but I need courage and advise as she too young for sugar mummy shit but I wan tell am my mind. God abeg 🙏

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