Guys, I need your help! Doctors, dermatologists and people with experience. I’ve written before about my condition that I itch badly after I bathe. It has gotten worse, I took y’all’s advice the other time, warm water, soft sponge, bath oils, don’t towel off completely. I even started taking supplements because I have acne that’s so bad. Everywhere I go, people try to recommend something for my acne and although I appreciate the help, I can’t just use everything they say….

Help 2

back to my skin condition, when I bathe, it’s like small red ants are biting me all over my body and I just keep slapping myself all over like a mad woman and crying. I’ve not bathed for a day now because I’m scared. I went to see 2 doctors today and the drugs they gave me are what I’ve used before, they just made me add weight and didn’t work. I’ve even tried traditional herbs (agbo) but it didn’t work. I’m tired, I can’t keep living like this.

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