Sometimes i find that i have to dumb myself when talking to some guys. And i hate it. I have strong opinions and i like to express them. I like to talk about everything and anything. I prefer constructive arguments if we can’t agree. But i find myself dumbing so i don’t come off as a show off. My ex said I’m a show off. I find that I’m unable to make genuine connections or be myself. Do men really like smart girls? Can they really stand it when a romantic interest is smarter than they are? I doubt. A lot.

One comment

  1. You are not a show off!!! I repeat you are not a show off!!!. Your ex is a Toxic person with low self esteem trying to make you less so he’ll feel good about himself at least. Please stop doing that to yourself. Imagine if Barack Obama had listened to and shut him self down cos of criticism, he wouldn’t have been president and made history. Be YOU!

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