Last year I was depressed. Even attempted suicide. But I managed to pull through. But now I am no longer hopeless but just always angry and everything and everyone. There’s days when I don’t even want to smile at anyone. It this still a part of healing? How do I overcome this constant anger?

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  1. Well done!! 👍. You’re moving and growing. It’s the healing process. But you have to do more! Try harder… For you! There’s nothing on earth that matters more than you do. I was in this situation from 2021 but come 2022 I figured that I have to do more. Settling for sadism isn’t really an option cos it’s won’t do me any good at all… I started treating myself and body better, my health, doing things that I enjoy and co. Along the line, I started smiling more and being genuinely happy. Currently I’m better than I ever was and still moving☺️. I appreciate little things and happy for all. My point is; no matter how sad you’re, you can be a thousand times happier. You just have to do it for yourself cos no one will.

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