I’m 24 and I have a boyfriend, he’s my agemate we’ve been together for 3 years plus, but the issue is he always say he’s not ready for marriage anytime soon that the only thing on his mind is to make money. There’s this man I just met, he’s 37 though he has a baby mama but he’s everything I want in a man, he has a house , car, money and he really wants to be serious with me. I’m thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend but I don’t want to hurt him because he has really tried a lot in my life

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  1. If getting married soon is sth you want, talk to your boyfriend about separating, I was in a similar predicament 2 years ago and ended up getting married to the young guy, and he acts everyday like I forced him to get married, like he’s too young and I’m trying to domesticate him.
    The 37 years old guy might not get married to you, but it’s Better to find someone who is ready to settle down.

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