Omo Confusion

I was in a two years relationship with my ex , he was everything I needed except that he was a cheat , he buys me gifts and expensive things to make up for the days he cheated on me . So we wanted to marry but my parents refused because he was not a university graduate. Now we went our separate ways although we are addicted to each because we keep deleting numbers, Re saving and texting each other. I later met this overseas guy that I am dating. He’s good and all that but is also not a university graduate. So we are dating to marry but it seems impossible and I am not sure if he has a family Over there or not . He has a house here in Nigeria and he might marry me and just impregnate me and leave me there . I am planning on insisting to marry him and I am sure my parents would agree . Even if I insist on marrying my ex . And currently my ex is coming back to me that he wants to marry me and this my current boyfriend is also planning his future with me.

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