I’ve been a city girl until I recently developed feelings for this guy.I’ve known him for like two years though but I didn’t like him we just did sexual stuffs (except sex) and chill. So recently we’ve been talking and eventually had sex. Was nice and I can only sleep with people I have a thing for. He’s the first nigga I’ve genuinely liked.
We tell each other I love you and do stuffs people in relationships do but we aren’t in one yet. He feels like I’m not fit for a relationship yet and I also talk to lots of guys and entertain the bullshit they say. I’m a very attractive person, so things like that are bound to happen. I don’t know why he doesn’t get that . We haven’t been talking because i said something he told me not to be saying a and it was a slip of tongue.
It’s all complicated. I just feel like I’ve injected the city girl stuff in him so bad😂

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