Stupidly in love

After almost five years in which I shared both happy and sad moments with him, I was finally able to breakup. I know he loves me, but he lies a lot, and he has no idea of how much this has hurt me and affected the trust in the relationship. At first I thought it was because we started young (18 years), but enough of child’s games. It’s surprising whenever I find out about an old lie, he just wants to invalidate my feeling and want me to wave it off because it’s old. He has cheated, I have always been loyal. He’s the only guy to have ever known my body and I think that kept me for long, but after finding out his last lie I had to leave or else, I’ll be taken for a fool forever.
I still love him, I forever will. He’s obviously not sorry since he didn’t apologize. I just hope I don’t humiliate myself to the extent of texting him, cause I’d rather be alone than to go through this every month again. May God help me.

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