My kid sis is frustrating me

I’m tired ,frustrated and might start doing bad things to my kid sis .
My kid sis will be 19 next month and she stays with me , the thing is I’m literally living my life for her. I made sure she comes first in whatever I do, I take care of everything she wants. In fact her phone was stolen last year and she hasn’t been happy, I made sure I got the exact phone she wanted for her even though my business as been down & I barely make #40k in a month ( I used to make #250k in a month) I still do my best to make her happy, I’m also in school ( it’s been 5 year I finished my ND, I just enrolled for HND). The bills and load is too much for me. I know you will be wondering what happened to our parents( she was just 3 years old and few months when mum died, my dad is also struggling, he’s very hardworking and doesn’t ask me for a dime , he contributes to my school then . He’s willing to help but he doesn’t have much , my kid sis started staying with me few years ago ( she was staying with my mum siblings before) . The problem is this girl is ungrateful, I’m 28 and can’t even think about my next steps without considering her . I’m crying while typing this , my kid sis doesn’t appreciate even though she knew about my struggles, I don’t have anyone helping me and I barely even ask for help because I’m used to doing things myself. I went out as early as possible today so I could get some food stuffs and get cash , I suffered and paid extra before I could get food stuffs and cash which she knew . Do you know despite the fact that she knew what I went through and how I don’t really have money left with me, she still gave out the food meant for me , not even 1 food ( including the snacks).
I cried because I’m tired of doing things for this ungrateful soul . I cursed her because I was hurt 😢 , not because of the food but because she knew how I struggled today . I’m sacrificing a lot for this girl and she still made me sad 😢. I’m done with being a good sis , she should be ready to start fending for herself .

One comment

  1. I understand you, but I think she’s not okay too, maybe she’s acting like that because she didn’t experience a mother’s love and discipline, it could also be the place she stayed. Please teach and discipline her with love, don’t spoil her, discipline her when she does something wrong so she will know there are consequences to bad behavior, explain to her why you’re disciplining her, be firm when giving her instructions and tell her what will happen if she does not obey and always make her know you love her don’t be mean to her so you don’t push her to predators, with time she’ll come around ❤️

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