What could have been.

Divorced my ex-husband almost 2 years ago now, he’s not a cheat or anything but he hardly listens to me, communication was terrible. When I asked for a divorce he said we should try therapy/couple’s counseling, I declined because honestly I checked out already, he ended up going for a therapy after the divorce and he’s now in a relationship with a lady. She brags about him to a friend of mine on how good he treats her and all that, did some findings myself and confirmed she’s actually not bluffing and everything he didn’t do for me, he did for her and more. I’m happy for them but I can’t help but wonder if I had just agreed to the therapy, I could have been with this version of him, can’t even remember the last time I was in a serious relationship, most of the guys nowadays are scared of commitment, I feel like a loser


  1. It’s also very possible he wouldn’t have changed with you, people are different with different people. Focus on you and set goals, when you’re trying to meet your goals you wouldn’t be too focused on what could’ve been.

  2. He might not have changed for you… He might have been worse . But then you never can know cos you didn’t go to the therapy and wasn’t patient with him. You lost out on that discovery. But then it’s all in the past. A new relationship might not come easy or soon, you probably won’t find someone as good as him but you will. Just wait. It’s penance for your lack of patience boo😂

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