Wahala for Relationship

There’s this guy I’ve been dating for 2years now, he was my best friend before we started dating all of a sudden he started chatting other girls. I don’t know If he was meeting up with them but I’m 100%sure he does after seeing some kind of behavior from him. My feelings started to die down he has not even balance his life, he smokes and he does yahoo and yahoo is not paying like before. He was caring at first but now he doesn’t even give me atleast money to care for myself and he is giving those girl he is chatting with. I’m actually working though but the pay in my job isn’t okay for my upkeep. This guy always check my phone, no privacy he monitors my every move he always pick mistake in what ever I do. I decided to chat a guy the way he chats other girls and it brought big issue. We actually settled tho but now a guy who is genuinely interested and in love with me asked me out that guy has everything he wants to settle down with a lady. I still have feelings for my boyfriend but it’s not much and now I’m developing feelings for dis new guy I don’t even know what to do

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