Isi ou Camair.

My life’s been a mess for as long as I can remember. Grow up in a home with my dad, step mom and four siblings (we all boys and I’m the first). It’s been crazy hard, I always wanted to run away from home to go meet my mom from when I was in primary school. Mom said “I should hang on, I’ll be free when I get into uni”. It was tough but I pulled through got into uni and I was free. Free until my free was taken away again. 

My first year of the uni was we pretty good (2018-19). Stayed in a different from where my family was. Everything was awesome, met my then gf, was doing well in school and all. By the end of the school year my dad moved the whole family to the town I was studying at due to insecurity reasons he claimed. We live in Cameroon, the english speakx parts Camair to be clear.
So I was back home the following year leaving from home to school everyday. It was Soo frustrating. Just when I taught I was free, I even enjoyed the freedom for a whole year and now this, like wtf!!!
Everything started all over but I managed since I went to school almost everyday, so that kept me going. When corona came things got worse cause the was no school to keep me sain.
I packed my things and left(ranway) home. Started staying with some friends from there on. They didn’t even look for me can U imagine? Just my mom did. Life became extremely harder from there on.
Currently broke and unemployed. Haven’t had a gf since my first year of uni, a got a serious masturbation problem. No one really understands and it’s hard. I just want to be able to take of my self and my mom cause she’s the only thing I got.
Bless up to all my homies that ever held it down for me too I pray we make and make it big. Love y’all no homo.

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