My bigday in next few days. I just lost someone’ I love dearly. Well I’m getting a very glaring tattoo on the back of my neck which says. SEEK LOVE DONT SEEK PITY…. Only me can relate to this phrase, have you ever had your heart broken? It feels like the world is tearing apart😂 Thanks to music and Medicals 💊 I feel relieved and motivated, I needed those moment to be a better man. My G I love you like crazy and I put in all my efforts but I am never enough for you, maybe someday i might across your mind, I’ve always loved you now is the time to let go because I’m just at the verge of ending my own life(no jokes) I almost did but then I thought to myself, its going to be better off if I can just go ahead and end your existence in my brain 🧠

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