Bell’s palsy

I’m such a cheerful person but 2020 I had high BP which lead to bell palsy (weakness in one side
Of face) ever since then my face isn’t back to normal I hardly smile because it’s crooked smile. Sometimes people tell me I look sad or angry that I’m not always happy which is not me but my face is like that, have tried so many things went to hospital see physiotherapy and all but nothing changes which weakened me a lot and makes me not being myself again. I’m depressed a lot I tried to adapt to this new me but it’s not easily i just want my full smile back I want to be happy again.

One comment

  1. I know and pray you get your smile back. Just keep smiling no matter how it looks, smiles ain’t about how it makes your face appear. It’s express how you feel.Light and love darling ❤️

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