Exquisitely damaged

Yeah i fucked up, Shame to love who put me into a messy feelings shit but one thing i can never take from another human is Sainting. Same Person who threatened to Break Up with me sometimes last year september after we are engaged now accuses me of no remorse. Well go get a holy honey, cause i wont be honeying anyone till a very long time, i’d be wallowing in my lone . Thank You cause i’m Exquisitely Damaged.

Exquisitely Damaged ???

Please let’s not bring anything over here
And thankfully we don’t talk again
So please let’s not have to talk ever again . 🙏
I honestly wish you the best and yes if you say I’m not a saint then I’m not a saint .
If that justifies everything , then thank you .

This conversations should end here .

Exquisitely damaged 02

kept saying i wasnt remorseful. Well yeah, i am. i’ve been incognito for the past 3 days. Spent it thinking n crying and i duely know the right thing. But i feel there isnt no way for the right thing….You were twice bitten and i am ashamed to take the bold step for a fear of rejection. I’m Human, i missed you!…..It hurt, I bear my loss and i cry my cry.

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