I’m 24, After 2 failed relationship, I have taken breaks from relationship for like 2 years, I have healed properly. I’m fine alone before I met this guy, he’s everything I want in a guy, he’s smart and productive and he likes me and giving me green light but haven’t asked me out but told him I don’t want to be in a relationship yet but I guess I’m getting to love him and have feeling for him, should I open up and express my feelings that I love him or let him make the move, we plan to see soon? It’s obvious he loves me, we talk all the time and we’re getting addicted to each other, he’s a 30 years old guy that have been having dissapointment with relationship as well, he wants to settle down, but he said since I’m not ready to give love a chance yet, he’ll wait till when I’m ready, man isn’t asking me out anymore and we’re best of friends, getting to know each other better and all plus the talking stage, I’m currently serving, should finish serving by August or so, the problem I’m having is he’s a Muslim and he’s not as educated as I am, just Secondary school cert, if I say yes, and it turns out to be something serious and my parents are against me getting married to a Muslim… Emi Omo deacon! I fit Still go ahead marry am o😭 Omo deacon ti fall in Love o! Or should I fight for our Love? Or I should not take the move of telling him I love one.. what of he marrys a second wife? Will he still want us to do a white wedding or we do it in the Islam way? one of my fears why I didn’t want to date him in the first place, now i’m so in love with him. I’M CONFUSED! I love this man die

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