Friend palava

I had this friend who I was extremely close with before, she was my best friend and the only one who understood me. Ever since she entered uni and started moving with the RICH FRIENDS GENG, she completely forgot about me because we are no longer on the same level, infact she evicted me out of her friends list because she had now become very rich and she now moves with big sugar daddies that are associated in politics. I miss the old her, I really miss her, we were always there for each other and recently she has been criticizing people that aren’t on her level, she has really been dragging us/them on her status saying they are living poverty lifestyle as if she hasn’t been in that shoes before. Lately I find myself hating on her and I despise that feeling, I also find myself being jealous of her and the crew of friends she moves with, I honestly despise that feeling, it disgusts me. I’m happy that she has finally become the girl she always wanted to be but her wealth came with pride, smoking, drinking and show off, she cut all ties with me. Sometimes I pray that God can take away her money for some short period of time so that she will be able to see that the friends she moves with aren’t really her friends, they are only friends with her because she has money, I really can’t believe I’m hating on her Gosh, I hate this feeling so damn much, I’m disgusted and disappointed at myself

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