My boyfriend

I met this guy last year and he’s everything I prayed for, he’s such a sweet soul and I’m so thankful for him. Before I met him I’ve been fucked up and lied too,which affected my thinking in one way or the other, though this guy isn’t perfect, we do have little issues and sort it. There’s one thing he do complain about me that I nag and complain too much, which I do try to reduce because I notice almost everything and do complain even tho I really want to reduce it, so lately I complained consecutively about two different things which it took time before we could sort it. The last one was recent until he flared up,and this is the first time of him doing this, he told me and getting on his nerves and it’s really affecting him. Suddenly the way he talk to me reduced and all,this is someone who cares about me and check on me everyday
I’ve been trying to talk to him buh it’s not yielding
I’ve been good to him and he knows,it’s just this issue ??
And it’s looking like he’s withdrawing from me already and it’s really sudden and strange
He has never gone a day without talking to me until wat happened

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