Have been in a relationship with a married man for the past 3 years who is having ups and down in his marriage (failed marriage)but they still live together and he has really been trying his best for me in every aspect. The thing is he keeps promising to marry me and telling me he wants to have a life with me, never wants any other guy coming close to me, always being so mad at me when I have an encounter with any other guy even if it’s just a normal friend and the sad part of this story is have had up to 3 abortions for this same man. When I got pregnant and ask him what to do he’ll always say anything of my choice he’s never giving me what’s on his mind because he’s trying to protect himself from looking like a bad person and would always know that I’ll say I can’t keep it because I’m still a very young girl of age that is scared (21). After the abortion he’ll always claim to love me still I just don’t know what to do


  1. If someone tells you to leave the man and better your life, because he’s just deceiving you cos you’re young and probably naive and he’ll never marry you, even if he mistakingly does, you’ll suffer for the rest of your life, will you agree???

  2. Darling, there’s so much world out there! I don’t even mean other men. I mean things to do, places to see, friendships to be made, hobbies and interests to be discovered…and I know you know this already but this relationship is hurting your light and energy. You’re seeing the world a little less brighter and a little less lovelier than it is. Yes it’s not that great but you have no chance to discover anything while you’re preoccupied with someone who will never make you his priority and is clearly taking advantage of your beautiful wide-eyed curiosity. Choose yourself today love! Wishing you a quick self-discovery! 💚

  3. He is deceiving you and will never leave his wife for you the earlier you realize this the better for you.

    It will end in premium tears for you. Move on with your Life.

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