I always tell my boyfriend that he’s too gentle with me during sex, he says that he can’t handle me rough because I’m his baby. Its very cute, but it leaves me sexually frustrated because even though he’s good, i want to be slutted out. On Sunday, i made him very angry and after i apologized he fucked me with so much anger, really rough and I loved it
Now it’s back to normal and I can’t stop thinking about that night

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  1. Broke up with my boyfriend last week and it hurts. Broke up for stupid reasons…I should have just stayed. I can’t move on and I won’t move on till he does. My Baby, I don’t want anyone to have you. I just want you all to myself. You’re my best friend. I wish I could ask for a second chance or go back in time, but it seems like you already accepted this breakup. Let’s remain best friends and keep fucking till we get back together. I really miss saying I love you…But I still do Muna❤️

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