I think the Hm! was me

I read a secret on connotare about the girl who resents her boyfriend and everyone around him who knew he was cheating on her. I think I’m the girl she caught him with.I dunno why my mind keeps going back to that story, I kinda feel connected to it…I fell in love with him and I knew he had you,he never lied, never denied you. It just really happened that you found out, you were never meant to. I’m so sure he loves you,he probably loves me too. But I promise you I never tried to take him away from you;he just really made me happy. Took my worries away, we had great sex too. He couldn’t help it..I made him happy. What he shared with me is different from what you guys share. I’ve left him for you if it’s really who I think it is. I miss him so much but I promise you I don’t want him back…You can keep him now!


  1. What’s the point of this? He loves me too? The sex was great? If it’s the person what should she do with this information?

  2. Just lol 😂
    Some hoes get mind sha 😂😩
    Sex was great yen yen yen ..
    Omo what should she do with that info
    You’re a bitch .. you should be ashamed .. run into a room and cry yourself out for being so cheap Buh nahhhh sex was great
    Ode 😂 Oponu 😂
    Sit down there he’s probably begging her and saying he regretted even having sex with you
    Omo whoever the main chick was
    Mabinu my dear girl yi o ni sense 😂

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