I’m in love and obsessed with my girl we started dating few months ago she never for once told me about being in a relationship she told me she’s single and I was like wow a fine dark skinned girl. We started dating I, introduced her to few family members I love her so much not until when she told me she was going to v.I to meet someone. I asked her she insisted not until she came back with an iPhone 14 pro max. Babe who got you this she sat me down and started story of she having a sugar daddy since he pays her rent ,school fee ,and sort all bills which I don’t know about. I begged her not to go to him again that anything she want I will do it to cut the story short I got her pregnant and we decided to keep it and I promise her to put her on a payroll every week and month because money is never the issues
Just to let her forget that man I spent over #2.5 million on her for valentine and promised her vacations to Maldives and other countries for our baby dump just to forget that man. Not until this evening I went out with my friends and I texted her she said she’s not at home that she went to v.I to meet that man to discuss something that she will be coming back on Tuesday or Wednesday I’m down and depressed at this point. Even my money isn’t keeping my girl ,no real one I’m depressed and sad even with my baby in her stomach she went to visit a sugar daddy and will be back on Wednesday


  1. Listen man, you’ve seen who she is now even if you didn’t see it before. Love is blinding you to who she is and unless you open your eyes now and cut your losses, it will continue to blind you. And she won’t change and eventually your eyes will open and by that time you’d have spent so much and your regret will be more. She has shown she belongs to the street. Leave her with the baby, cut your losses and move on. It’s difficult but you won’t die. You’ll meet someone who will treat you like you want without you settling for less.

  2. There is something fishy going on between her and the man, not just the sex. I Think the right thing to do is get a hold of yourself first, she has your baby ? How sure are you the baby is yours ?
    Please get a hold of yourself , stand strong then you can start from there
    I’m a relationship expert if you’re interested in speaking to someone I’ll be here . @din_nma_

  3. That’s obviously not your baby…don’t put your all into it and run a DNA test after the child is born

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