I want out

We don’t chose life, but we can chose death, the universe designed it that way for a reason. Suicide is an option! It is there so you can end it if life isn’t treating you well, I want to go, there’s nothing left here for me anymore. I am tired of fighting, of hoping, the pain is too much.

One comment

  1. Omo eeh .. I’m equally exhausted 😩😩 I’ve been for years now but guess what?… I’m still here😭😭. I can’t bring myself to commit suicide, cos even when you do,the shege you’ll see for commiting such abomination is 10x worse than staying alive and suffering.
    Besides one sweet thing about tomorrow is that no one knows how it’s going to be and it might turn out better than anyone ever anticipated 😜. So you should be hopeful boo. A few years from now and you’ll be thinking how foolish it was to have wanted to end your life. Just breathe and take it slowly. Talk to someone, anyone at all that cares to listen. It helps!!! In all stay strong and keep praying 😭😭

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