I feel like dying

I’m depressed and having a mental breakdown right now
I’m tired of life
Nothing is going well
I have no money
My grades and CGPA is nothing to write home about
The business I put in all my money to is yielding nothing
Relationship and friendship issues
Parents financial issues
I don’t even know what to do
And I can’t even tell anybody and the one person I want to always talk to is busy
I’m trying so hard to keep it together
At this point I want to end it all

One comment

  1. Please don’t 😩… I’ve been in worse situations before. I almost did hang myself But my brother broke the door and caught me before I did. Tried therapy, or talk to God if you can’t afford it. Just cry if you don’t know what to say. He hears you.😭.
    Shaa fast forward to today, I can’t believe I almost ended my life😩😩 what nonsense??! See as I fine finish, set like 100 people and above all seeing the better side of life. God’s been faithful. Just communicate in any way you can!!!
    Keep fighting!!!💪💪

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