I’m deeply in love with my friend but I can’t tell him because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I think he likes me too but am not even sure it’s the same way I do. He’s always in my thoughts every single second of the day no matter what I’m busy with (and I’m always very busy). Munchkin if you can see this, I just want to love the fuck out of you and never let you go but I’m afraid I might just have to be content with our friendship alone. I’d rather stay friends with you than risk losing you totally. You have no idea how much I want to be committed to you,to stick with you regardless of whatever because I cannot even imagine being with anyone else. I’d turn down every man chasing me just to be with you because you have my heart without even asking for it but sadly, it is not meant to be. Why can’t life be so simple? I’m so sad.

One comment

  1. I think you should communicate what you feel with him . With the level of your friendship, I don’t think it should be a problem letting him know what you feel.
    Be sure to be in control of your emotions while you speak so you don’t come of obsessive
    And please give him time to process the information
    Wishing you the best ♥️♥️

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