I started dating this girl, fell in love with her & we started a thing together all for her to sleep with a very close friend of mine. I later found out & confronted her & her excuse was “He was available”. Long story short we broke up & became very close friends with one of a friend of hers (they not really friends like that sha). We became close friends & somehow we started dating & we decided that we should move in together, for a second I thought she was going to be better since she knows about my past with that other girl & i was really rooting for her to be that girl that changes everything. This time it’s far far worse than what I thought, she’s so disrespectful, rude, & everything you can think of. I buy groceries & 90% of everything in the house is mine but when I don’t have money to get groceries or stuff , she goes ahead & buy her own things & keep It separate from you. At this point I don’t blame anyone rather than myself because I know I deserve better but I keep settling for girls that will mess my mental health. I’m done. All I’m focus on right now is how to better myself & live my life because to be very honest women don’t deserve what they ask for & one thing I’ve learnt from women is never love a woman more than she loves you. Once you let her know that’s GAMEOVER for you. Speaking from experience. I’m taking my own advice & moving forward.

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  1. Whatever your conclusion is, just know that not all women are the same. You’ve just been meeting the shitty ones.

    I pray love finds you.

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