I am so confused and sad 😞I have recently been sexually harassed by a close family member, someone I see as a father figure. I live with my aunt and her husband since my parents are separated he has always been the father figure I wanted but unfortunately they say good things never last, I am the child that they always consider to be the black sheep in the family because so I can’t speak up. I have been bullied severely in secondary school leading to me hating myself and in my house also everyone is always picking sides but I am never heard or seen. It hurts to write this that family sometimes pick the side of the parents who has money and don’t care about others …I am not suicidal or anything but I am just praying that everyone who is reading this have a break through in life because I believe in God

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  1. I’m so sorry for what happened to you. Please if you can try and leave that house to avoid him hurting you again.
    It’s always the greatest stars that encounter the worst experiences in life.
    The enemy no de attack empty barrels! Jeremiah 29:11 believe it darling.
    God is with you always don’t allow anything or anyone take away your faith in Jesus.
    I’m a living testimony of God’s mercy and grace. Find something you can be doing for God and stay committed to it and watch Him bless you beyond human understanding. 😘

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