Evil sugar daddy

Met this man in my 200 lv, I’m in my finals now. My problem is that this man is not scared to be caught, infact he wants the whole world to know about us which I cannot. Oga you are married nau, no come spoil paro for me, he doesn’t want me to have a boyfriend..which that one concern him papa n mama. I have a boyfriend, he even said he will give me a man when it’s time to marriage..I now asked him as what?my mom or dad? anyways skip to the main reason I’m here. I ate the money my dad gave me to pay for my rent, now I told this man about it that my things are outside he now asked me to give him the caretakers number. I told him I couldn’t because the caretakers knows my dad and they know my dad gave me the money..and yes they’re right with their suspicions I chop the money. I explained to this man why I couldn’t give him the caretakers number and he said I’m not ready to be helped. He said he can’t help me without being appreciated..i told him I will do the appreciation myself..oga said he wants my parents to appreciate him..
My parents are very wealthy tho..
But you know now😮‍💨😮‍💨we all need extra allowance too😬

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