I really don’t want a man like my father 😥
…….I never had that feeling of getting things I want from my parents. I have a little online business I’m running and I get customers once in a while, I never had that feeling of love while growing up maybe that’s what affected my relationships. I really do not want to settle for less because I didn’t come from a rich family. I tried my best to do little I can for my siblings and parent but it seems I’m not doing enough, I’m depressed I don’t know what to do. I’ve always been loyal in my relationships but they seem to just leave after a while nd tell me it’s them and not me ,I’ve never felt to be loved instead I’m the one falling in love because I do that easily and it’s not my fault 🤦‍♀️,
now my current relationship is shaking I really don’t know what I did but he changed his attitude towards me

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