Love triangle

I met this guy about 2 years ago, after I broke up with my toxic ex, and we kicked off the talking stage. Our vibes matched 101% likewise the chemistry and connection were fire. He was also quite the cheerful giver and very supportive emotionally. For real, the entire talking stage was a great experience. However, the only problem was that we lived in different cities. Early last year, we had some problems, went ghost for a month and reconciled afterwards. We carried on like nothing happened and it was great. He asked me to be his girlfriend but my life was a mess at the time so I told him I wasn’t ready yet. Fast forward to last year, I was visiting his city and we finally met. At this point, I was already in love but I comported myself well due to the shege I suffered from my ex, lol. So, we had a fun time during the day and we went to his home at night. As expected of two adults with a strong attraction for each other, we got heavily intimate. The foreplay was fire! But I wouldn’t consent to sex. Not yet. We then slept off cuddling. This is where it gets funny. Guess what? The next day, this bastard then tells me he has a girlfriend but he’s still in love with me!!! Lol, as the chill babe that I am, I maintained my poise even though I wanted to rain hell on him so badly. His luck be say we no fuck otherwise I for show am craze. Lmao. He begged me to stay back but omo no be me wey bastard go use hold body so I insisted on leaving. Until now, he’s still on my case and sends me money unprovoked. I may still have feelings for him, but he’s never getting a taste of this(yunno what I mean) ever!!! Fear Men!😅💔

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