Am I a MUMU?

There’s this friend of mine that I talk to about everything and he’s always came through for me especially when I’m emotionally exhausted. So one day we kissed and since then we been flirting and doing stuffs like kissing and romance but deep down I want more than that but he’s got a girlfriend which he’d always remind me about and I’m single but he sees me as a mumu or what. This guy would always ask me if I want him to disvirgin me because one day we almost had sex and he realized I was a virgin 😂 likeeeeee idg na ment
I really think there’re ways to this things than asking me if I want you to disvirgin me and you’d still tell me we can’t be in a relationship oooo…..The guy’s so smart that he’d never use”Love” rather “Like” to tell me how he feels towards me .
Omoooo God Abeg! I just dey lol here because I don’t even know how to write this well😐

One comment

  1. Yes , he’s taking you for a ride,show him the way out.
    He must level the playing field atleast (break up with his gf and you must be sure he did ) better still scatter his relationship and still don’t give him Coochie , he is a m@d boy

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