Please I need your advice

Have dated him for 10 months, I just had an abortion last month and I went through the whole process twice because the first I was sedated so the doctor had difficulties doing it. The second time, I wasn’t sedated so
I felt the whole thing and I never want to go through that ever again. I never wanted it I really wanted to keep the baby but I couldn’t do it alone and he wasn’t ready to support me because he doesn’t want it so he convinced me and I ended up doing it. Before the whole abortion thing, we had issues and he said he wanted to break up I refused then and then last week we ended things. I gave him the space he wanted but he was always disturbing me, he was at my place three days ago begging me he wanted to get back together and I asked him to think about what he wanted, so yesterday I went to his place and he said he wanted us to get back and I told him I would think about it. Today he texted and I told him I was bored so he asked me to come, I didn’t even use up to an hour, a girl came in with her bag so after dropping her bag, she went outside. Immediately he followed her and after some time he came back inside meanwhile this girl was the girl he was cheating on me with, I forgave him then and he asked me to leave for her that he would come to my place to explain things he even said he forgot she was coming a girl came all the way from Lagos to Ogun state to see you and you said you forgot . He said his girlfriend was around so I refused to leave and asked for explanation, I asked why he was begging me to get back together and he said it was because he just wanted to have sex with me. After all that, the girl left but her bag was in his room so he carried the bag outside and asked me to follow him to his friend’s place and I did so. On getting back to his place her bag wasn’t outside so I went inside and his door was locked went to his window and I saw the girl’s bag inside his room, I asked him to open the door and he refused but I was adamant on staying. I took his phone and he rough handled me to collect his phone back, he even injured me in the process so after some time I left, called a friend to come pick me up. The thing now is I’m confused on what to do I was really embarrassed in front of everyone including his landlord and neighbors and I want to disgrace him too.


  1. renzo, word. word. just comot body jare and heal and move on. it’s clear and obvious you’re far better off without him. prolly a deevil you must avoid

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