30+ Men

I don’t know who advised me to leave the 25-29 age bracket of men, if I only I knew they are just the same sometimes even the twenties are better than them. Been dating this man for over 6 months, I would have to beg him to call or just call him. I’m working and schooling at same time…. All my life I’ve never been babied before , like spoilt by my men instead I go out of my way to make them happy because I love stupidly. I saw a post on this about that how her man went out and didn’t reach out or so , and she queried him and then she got a #50k alert …. I was a little bit envious
Because my own wouldn’t and hasn’t done it …. I’m thinking of breaking up sef … I can’t always be the fool , it’s heartbreaking honestly 💔
I want a real man …. I want to be babied too 😭😭😭😭

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  1. Google “how to be in my feminine energy? , How to be more feminine?” stop taking initiative with every man you meet. You are being masculine that’s why you keep attracting feminine men and men that are not interested in you. Your life will change 😍 I’m a living testimony. STOP DOING TOO MUCH. You can STILL LOVE A MAN AND STILL KEEP YOURSELF IN CHECK

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