Rude and Rebellious cousin

I really want to know how I could caution this cousin of mine, she’s almost 21 and really rude for her age, really rude. There’s a difference with defending and speaking up for yourself and being rude. This girl would look me in the eye when I tell to mind how she talks to me that I ain’t her mate when being corrected and tell me there’s nothing like seniority here … ahhhhh ema gba mi ke
This is someone I stood by when she had two abortions for her stupid boyfriend and someone I’m trying all my best to make her happy because my teenage life was taken away from me too early
All she does is jump from one guy to the other. Don’t get me wrong I’m still very young I’m almost 25 but I’ve gone through life in all hardest part … well I decided to clean my hands off anything that has to do with her just for two weeks… mama is back and pregnant again
This time around I told her I’m not gonna help her anymore…. She’s been begging and I do feel bad and we are just cousins ooo🥺… helppppp

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