I’m down

It’s a long story but I’ll try to make it short, my boyfriend of 3 years has been cheating on me and I told him I wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore. I started going out with another guy after some time and we got intimate once, my boyfriend found out and beat me up, he later came to beg and I stupidly forgave him. He got me pregnant last year December and asked me to keep it, I told him I couldn’t because he isn’t financially stable so I removed it, Yesterday I told him I wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore and he sent me a video on snap, I was sleeping at his place and he video my nakedness saying it was when he found out I was cheating on him he did the video


  1. What are you still doing with that kind of a guy who will threaten to blackmail you cos you are not interested in the relationship again.
    My dear find a way a move out as soon as possible.
    That relationship is unhealthy.

  2. If you remain cos of a nude video, he would find other things to tie you down. Let him do what he wants with it, you shouldn’t be ashamed, he should be ashamed. Block him let him do his worst. If you go back? He would make more videos, maybe even record having sex with you.

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