My Ex gf Best Friend

I am in love with my ex’s best friend, I don’t know how it happened but it did. She has always been the bridge between me and my ex when ever my ex wants to leave me she settles us. My ex doesn’t care about me and never did love me, she said once that she’s just with me because she had no other choice even then, I begged her but her friend is the complete opposite. One day I just saw her my eyes were opened, I broke up with my ex and months past me and her best friend went to a club and we had drunk sex. When she woke up she was feeling guilty and she said she doesn’t like the fact she enjoys being with me, we kissed and had sex again. She left when I was sleeping with a message saying she can’t hurt her friend. I don’t know what to do, to top it off she ran away to Lagos 😢 because she said she can’t resist me.

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