Men are scum

I met this guy in my new estate, he stays opposite my apartment, we connected so well , He was so good to me ( pretended to like me). After we had sex , he started giving all manner of attitude, stopped picking me call , later he came back I forgive him very quick , we had sex again, after the last sex he finally stopped taking my call .
I bumped into him inside the estate , so I asked him what’s wrong and what with the attitude , why he stopped taking my call.
Only for this dude to open his mouth to say I am doing too much, that why will I be falling in love when it is suppose to be a fling plus he said I infected him 😂😂.
I just knew he was stupid because i have never had infection in my life ,I go to the hospital for all manner of test every three months and I have never been diagnosed of having infection in my life, I make use of two hospital on the island and on the mainland. Since he said those words I stopped calling or texting.
Bruh was after sex not gonna lie the sex was amazing, the best sex I have had in my life. I miss him tho but I don’t tolerate disrespect from anyone . My pride comes first.

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