Fear Women

I never believed the phrase “Fear Women”. Until recently. I have been dating my girlfriend for three years now, and I can swear with my life that she will never cheat on me. Just recently, I went through her chat, I read when she was sex chatting with a guy and referred to me as her friend when the guy asked who I was. Next thing she said with her full chest. ‘Since you have found out, I don’t want this relationship again, it blocking me from doing what I want to do.’ Guys I swear I was shocked, I never believed it. All I wanted was “I am sorry” and I see swear would forgive her. But no she wasn’t even moved at all. I am still shocked 😭

One comment

  1. This exact same thing happened to me few days ago . But my own version could be more like “ Fear men !”
    Me I’m sha done with relationships sha 😂

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