Sweet Revenge

So mid last year there was a girl in class I dated and got dumped for another coursemate because he took care of her better than I did. So by November I became financially buoyant and better than ever. Madam started texting back she come dey wan put body. I invited her over last week and banged her, her boyfriend (still our coursemate) called her on WhatsApp call and after talking she dropped the phone without ending the call, I noticed and I clicked on video call request unknowingly to her.. Oga accepted and saw someone banging his girl I made sure to stay off the cameras view. She didn’t even notice for like 2 mins na so their eye jam. Na she rush end call😂😂I was just smiling inside. Well we’re fixing to fuck again this Friday sha. I saw the dude in class yesterday and I could see the disgust in his eyes.

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