Been dating my boyfriend since 2017 after I graduated from high school, he dis-virgined me the next year so we fell in love so hard. I love him my whole life same as him the love was mutual, but no money. I’ll keep on praying praying I never stopped praying for God should bless him but it was little it was supposed to be getting it but it otherwise nothing works out and he’s not lazy so I started working thou I barely ask him for big things. I don’t like to bother so I started working my first work was to work in a club but that doesn’t mean I started bad things no I didn’t but his insecurities will not allow me have peace of mind working. I keep on telling him working in a club doesn’t mean I’ll start shit no I came here to work for my money, I have pride so I barely give face. Not until I went to church on another thing but was given a message the guy am dating is not for me but I didn’t believe after many month again I got the same message so I went ahead myself to confirm stuff have been hearing and it’s scary, he start acting weird too calling me names because I work in a club….Finally I broke up with him but I don’t know if I move in a right way 😪s

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