Need advise

Have been dating my boyfriend for 7 years now but I don’t seem to understand him. He’s the one taken responsibility over his three junior sisters, he doesn’t care about me, this year he outlined his plans for his sisters and I was not even in the plan at all. I don’t know if he has plans for me, also he never share things with me. When I ask him why he doesn’t tell me things he said he doesn’t need my opinion on things that I’m not smart so I don’t really have good advice to tell him. He said if I know about his plans all I will be fighting for is my own personal interest he never tell me his plan sometimes. I do eavesdrop when is talking to his friends about his matter. He even said it to my face that if he marries me he will not have peace of mind, anytime I talk about marriage it will end in fight to the extent that I was forced to ask him that does he no longer want me and the only thing he said was he needed some time that he need to fix things I should calm down for him. Anytime I ask him for money like this it will end with fight
My bae is okay and his rich to give me money is the problem, I started my business 2021 up till now my bae has never for once give me cash to support my business and he has his own business he’s doing , his sister’s are the one monitoring his business for him. When I ask him to give me money to add to my business he said I don’t need to tell him to give me money that he will give me, uptill now one naira he never gave it to me. His mum and sister are my fans they love me also. I’m so confuse right now please I need advice on what to do

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  1. It is quite hard not to be involved in plans with someone you involve in your own plans. I know how frustrating it can be, I am currently with someone that did not include me in his holiday plans and said to my face that if his daughter wants to see him and I also want to see him. He would choose his 9 years old daughter over me, we are together just 1 year.
    Please make your choice 7 years is a lot of time you have invested..

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