Double trouble

I have been dating someone for more than a year now and he kept saying we are yet to know each other well and we should not think of marrying till after two years of dating. He has a kid already and he wants the kid to clock 10 before getting serious. He also shared he wouldn’t stay with a lady in the same house. We have to stay apart he does not want to experience a lady sending him out of the house. Plus he shows no form of affection at all, I am always forcing him to be sweet and affectionate with me and he keeps saying he does love up before but he doesn’t want to experience heartbreak again so he prefer to be nonchalant.. I met someone last month and he is including me in his plans already, he does not have a kid yet and he is affectionate about me but we are both AS. We reside in USA and he believes the health system here would work for AS couple. I am confused.


  1. Honestly I’ll advice you to look past the both of them. These are 2 poor choices that’s for sure. I can’t tell you what will happen in the future whether you’d find someone perfect for you soon enough or if it will take years cuz I’m not sure. But what I’m sure is that marrying AS you’ll hate yourself. As a doctor I recently met a 42yr old woman with a 13yr old sickled son. She has had 10 children but 7 were sickled and 6 died with only this one and 3 other normal children left. As for the nonchalant guy, if he won’t change now he won’t change after marriage. You don’t want to be miserable. Life is hard and we all have tough pills to swallow. I advice you swallow yours now and do what’s right by you. You deserve to be happy but you have to make the right choices to that end. I hope you find the strength.

  2. Agreed both are substandard choices but that’s life. Personally I think that you may have a better chance with th one who is AS. Hear me out. You’re in the US, look into preimplantation genetic testing. It’s even cheaper if you decide to do it in 9j. Or you both could decide to adopt instead. What I can say for sure is if you’re not sure about either, leave them both. Marriage is not a do or die matter. You deserve some who is fully committed to your happiness as they also deserve your full commitment without reservations. Wishing you the best

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