(Sometimes helping can just be mess up )Hepatitis B

Shared a room with my coursemate during (ND) days, suddenly at the middle 2021
I got a call from home that Lastborn got sick.. Imagine having (SS) as Lastborn and she’s definitely the smartest and brilliant girl in her class.. had to run home to donate for her .. The right test was carried out before the donation. I was secretly called into a room by the doctor after various test before the donation. I was told I got infected (Hepatitis B.. ) I got shocked and almost cry my ass out
I quickly clean up my tears before my mom knows… I came out pretending like nothing happen.. not be able to donate at the end of the day
mom is not educated thou but she got related to doctors
So She knows how everything works out
Lastborn is doing fine thou the fact that she (SS)
Sponsored myself to school
I Was even the one paying half of The hospital bills before my arrival

Before my final paper which was last year 
I scope the guy and we went for a viral test 
I confirm he got hepatitis B already 
He never knew he got affected too

The guy did not even cross over 
He got an accident and he eventually die 

Wish me best of luck 
Just started my hepatitis B drugs this year 
I pray this decease got cure soon 
Coz omo the drugs too expensive 

I’ve already violated your 60 words rules!!!!
Pls post 
Post post 

Make sure your coursemate run up a test before your privacy 

Who am I to blame ???

Pls repost sir
God will bless you

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